Conference Room Furniture


Office Furniture Resources located in Norcross, Georgia, Just outside of Atlanta can assist you in planning your perfect Board room or conference room.  Give us a call at (404) 445-0040 to discuss your perfect office layout.

Quite often, the first time you are meeting with potential clients, your conference room furniture will be the first impression they receive. You want to be sure that your conference room furniture gives off the strength of the company. It is important to have enough conference room seating for all attendees before people start to arrive; you do not want to be scrambling for chairs as people arrive.

Depending on what type of meeting you are having, you may want to consider adding AV furniture to allow everyone the opportunity to see any visuals you are presenting. While you want everyone to be comfortable, you do not want them to be lulled to sleep. Executive conference rooms and seating need to give the aura of command. Anyone meeting you in here should immediately understand that you are in charge and running the show. Warm, rich colors with accents of vibrant colors in any conference room accessories will not only impress any visitors, but will also boost your confidence.

When you are shopping in the Atlanta area for office furniture, do not dismiss going to an office furniture dealer who has pre-owned pieces available. Sometimes, having something pre-owned will give off the feel of security and trust. Do not be afraid to mix modern pieces in with older, more traditional furniture. The important thing is to make sure your conference room furniture gives off the feel you want your company to have.

Some of the features and options we offer include:

  • Wooden conference tables
  • Metal configurations
  • Glass tops
  • Boat-shaped, rectangular, round conference tables and more shapes
  • Mahogany, cherry, pine, maple, oak conference tables and more wood finishes
  • Cable management
  • Insets
  • Expandable Conference tables
  • Technology compatible tables
  • Marker boards

 Product Samples