Office Cubicles in Atlanta, Georgia

To ensure employees are able to concentrate and work without distractions, office cubicle furniture is a necessity in many businesses, but, thanks to innovative designs, it can also be pleasing to the eye as well. Office Furniture Resources, located in Atlanta, offers a variety of affordable cubicles including desking systems and panel systems from a variety of manufacturers to ensure that they can meet any companies budget and cubicle system needs.

Our list of top systems manufacturers

  • Re-manufactured Herman Miller

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In addition to brand new workstations, we also offer refurbished systems furniture, which means we can cater to a variety of different budgets. When you shop with us, you can will find new cubes from manufacturers such as AIS, Herman Miller AO2, Maxon, Friant, Trendway, Groupe Lacasse, Global, Hon, and several others. With so many choices available, business owners are sure to find everything they need with us.

Cubicles Support Collaborative Work Environments

Cubicles and workstations are a great option for your business because they support a collaborative work environment. This is possible because two or more people can work closely together, but can also enjoy privacy and avoid distractions due to the partially enclosed comfort of a cubicle. Smaller cubicles are also ideal for visitors to fill out forms. While there are a variety of cubicles available, the most common type of cubicles are about 8” x 12′ and have a built-in worktable.


Office Furniture Available from Office Furniture Resources


In addition to new and refurbished cubicles, workstations, and desking systems, we also offer an array of other new and pre-owned systems furniture including tables, chairs, traditional desks, conference tables, executive offices, audio and video equipment, filing cabinets, modular carts, miscellaneous office accessories, acoustical panels, waiting room or guest seating, lamps and other lighting fixtures, and a variety of reception options too.


Let Us Help You Organize Your Workspace


If the thought of turning an open room into a useful space for several workers is overwhelming for you, we can help you with all your cubicle organization needs as well. Some of the most important matters you must consider when ordering cubicles and workstations is the type of interaction your employs will have with each other. It is possible to create cubicle spaces where employees can each have their own private workspace, but can easily see each other as well. There are also panel systems that can be placed in between individual desks to ensure private spaces for employees while ensuring managers and other employers can monitor employees workflow. In cases where the cubicle will be used for private matters like collecting secure data or filling out forms, cubicles that cater to this need are also easy to create with higher panels and sound masking. No matter what your cubicle needs are, we can help you make the best choices for your business and your budget needs as well.
When you need new, used, or re-manufactured cubicles, workstations, or other office equipment, call Office Furniture Resources in Atlanta, Georgia. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, we can be your one call resource for all your cubicle system and office furniture needs.