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If you are looking for office chairs in Atlanta, you will surely be surprised at all the types of chairs that are available at Office Furniture Resources. We carry a wide variety of office chairs for many different business areas including reception chairs, guest chairs, office seating and even break room chairs. In addition to guest seating, we also offer a variety of task chairs including ergonomic chairs, computer chairs, mesh chairs, executive chairs and reception chairs. In case you need extra seating for a special event, we also offer stacking chairs, which can be used for commercial seating, or simply when you expect a large crowd.

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Our Most Popular Seating

Stacking Chairs

At some point in time, every office has the need for extra chairs to accommodate large groups or simply a few extra bodies. For this reason, one of our most popular sellers is our stacking chairs. Just as the name suggests, these chairs easily stack on top of each other when not in use. This means you do not need a great deal of room to store chairs when they are not in use.

Ergonomic Computer Chairs

Since many business employees spend a great deal of time in their chairs, it is crucial to make sure the chairs are comfortable. Our ergonomic chairs are made for just that -comfort.

Reception Chairs

When someone is waiting to see you at your business, you want to make sure they are waiting comfortably. We carry a wide variety of reception chairs that make waiting for a meeting to start a comfortable experience.

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Choose from many office chairs, including:

  • Reception chairs
  • Conference room chairs
  • Mesh office chairs
  • Heavy duty designs
  • Wooden chairs
  • Executive office chairs
  • Ergonomic office chairs
  • Guest office chairs
  • Task seating
  • Computer chairs
  • Multi-purpose chairs
  • With or without arms
  • Leather office chairs

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