Sit Stand Desk Atlanta

Sit Stand Desk Atlanta

Ergo Desk System from Office Furniture Resources in Atlanta

Adjustable height desk are great desk choices for the office because they are easy to use and good for your body as well. In fact, an ergonomic desk is good for your mental and physical health. To learn more about how and why the Ergonomic Desk System from Office Furniture Resources in Atlanta is good for your mind and body keep reading below or call 404-445-0040.

Ergo Desk System Provides Workers with a Better Mood and Mental Acuity at Work

Researchers have conducted several studies regarding the use of adjustable height desks. At the conclusion of the studies, researchers found that office workers who used an adjustable height desk are more productive and take less breaks than others who use a traditional desk. Additionally, the overall moods of workers who use an ergonomic desk are better while they are at work. In general, when people are in a better mood they are able to concentrate easier, which also adds to their productivity.

Ergonomic Desk Users May Enjoy Longer Life Spans than Those Who Do Not

The American Cancer Society introduced a study in 2010 that showed a direct correlation between people who spend a great deal of time sitting and those who do not. The study results were that women who sat for more than six hours a day had a 37% higher mortality rate than those who did not sit for hours at a time.

Adjustable Desk from Office Furniture Resources Provide Users with Less Skeletal Discomfort

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Research Laboratory at Cornell University conducted a study regarding the use of adjustable height desk and found that users with an ergonomic desk were less likely to experience skeletal pain. Additionally, when researchers interviewed participants of the study, they found that the majority of the participants preferred an ergonomic desk that allowed them to stand up rather than a traditional desk.

An Ergonomic Desk from Office Furniture Resources Atlanta Promotes Blood Circulation

Traditional desks restrict below the waist movement because of their height, which is usually between 27 to 30 inches tall. However, when office workers opt for an adjustable height desk they improve their blood circulation and also decrease the chances of blood pooling in workers quadriceps and thighs.

To learn more about the Ergo Desk System from Office Furniture Resources call 404-445-0040.