Your local resource in Atlanta, Georgia for Swiftspace is Office Furniture Resources. Swiftspace is one of the  leading manufacturers  for problem-solving ideas on collaborative workspace solutions.

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Why Swiftspace?  Swiftspace is a great application for 3 main areas of an organization.
1. Temporary Office Furniture Atlanta: Project teams furniture, hotelling furniture, disaster recovery office furniture, swing space furniture, summer students, consultants, loaner office furniture, rental purposes.

2. Permanent Office Furniture: Satellite office furniture or office furniture for remote locations, office furniture for rapid expansion with unplanned growth, business furniture for organizations with high churn rate, office furniture for situations where an office has to be moved due to lease, business furniture for offices that could get flooded, office furniture solutions for offices that have multiple uses in a short period of time.

3. Evolving workspace in Georgia: Swiftspace works for both collaboration and concentration.  These workstations can be set up and moved in minutes, adapting to your ever changing business needs.

Swiftspace Office Furniture Georgia:
Solo, Solo +, Social, Social +, Solo + straight Surface, solo straight surface, Access point station, Flip top work surface with Straight or Bow front, Transaction top, Rendezvous mobile meeting room, space saver model.