Trendway Office Furniture Dealer Atlanta


Visit the Trendway product guide  and call us for a quote! (404) 445-0040 or email

Your local resource in Atlanta, Georgia  for Trendway Office Furniture is Office Furniture Resources. Trendway -Proven Products, Guaranteed timing, reduced risk, reliable. Trendway Atlanta is big enough to handle complex and large projects.  Personal Service not found anywhere in the industry. Fast shipments in industry by our On Time or On Trendway promise.


Systems Furniture Atlanta:

Trendway Choices, Trendway Contrada, Trendway Contrada Raw

Architectural Products Atlanta:

Trendway Trendwall Atlanta- movable walls, floor to ceiling
Trendway Trendwall Clear Atlanta – floor to ceiling solution
Trendway Flooring Solution Atlanta – cable management, modular floor, power and data accessible

Feek Fundamentals Atlanta:

Feek is fun, comfortable, high durable coated foam that is reconfigurable.


Trendway Freestanding Office Furniture Atlanta:

Trendway Trig Desking systems
Trendway Intrinsic Freestanding office furnitureTrendway Intrinsic Executive office furniture
Trendway Choices Desking
Trendway Tables – for cafes, sit/stand
Trendway Pack Desking


Trendway Filing and Storage Atlanta:

Trendway Pack Storage
Trendway Choices Storage


Trendway Seating Atlanta:

Trendway Executive and Task Seating Atlanta-  T51, Rexxi, Sketch, Jet, Code, In, Snap, Stat, Series X, Series Y
Trendway Stools Atlanta – Live Cafe Stool, Jet Cafe Stool, Jet Stool, Snap Stool, Code Stool, Sketch Stool
Trendway Side and Guest Chairs Seating Atlanta- M11, Live, Live II, Jet Stacker
Trendway Public Seating Atlanta – Jet Tandem

Visit the Trendway product guide  and call us for a quote! (404) 445-0040 or email