Office Furniture Resources of Atlanta is your number one provider of used and pre-owned office furniture including cubicles, workstations, desks, chairs, conference tables and much more. Office Furniture Resources features professional designers who can integrate new furniture along with used and pre-owned office furniture for a uniform and professional appearance in your office, laboratory or training room. Lightly used means furniture in full and safe working condition with only minor dings or scratches.

Lightly Used and Pre-Owned Office Furniture.

The team at Office Furniture Resources includes professional designers, knowledgeable sales representatives, and certified installation technicians. The job of this team is not done until your used and pre-owned furniture has been installed to your satisfaction. The designers and installers can incorporate new and used furniture and work with virtually any floor plan. Depending on how much square footage you have, your budget, your specific industry and any custom requirements, Office Furniture Resources has the team to meet your needs. Ask about any special requirements and any available warranties.

Consider Office Furniture Resources your partner for quality used and pre-owned office furniture. The team can provide a variety of products, and virtually anything you can think of for your office space including lightly used and pre-owned:

Office Furniture Resources maintains a large network of vendors, clients, manufacturers, consultants and specialists in addition to a large inventory of high quality used office furniture. Because of this extended network and their many years of experience, Office Furniture Resources can handle virtually any request in support of all industries. This is especially helpful if you have a unique request for a piece of furniture or accessory that is less common.

If the requested item is not in stock, chances are good that the extended network of used office furniture providers can provide a solution. No request is too strange or exotic although some specialty office furniture products may only be available at full retail prices. Office Furniture Resources represents a wider network of service professionals that are standing by with office furniture, cubicles, and equipment solutions to meet your needs.

Office Furniture Resources Features Quality Used and Pre-Owned Office Furniture.

The truth is that used and pre-owned furniture can be drastically less expensive than new office furniture. Office Furniture Resources offers high quality, new furniture but also offers used, pre-owned, refurbished and re-manufactured office furniture and accessories. The designers and salespeople will provide you with multiple options depending on your needs, and may offer a blend of new and used equipment, or may develop a sales proposal that includes both new and pre-owned packages so that you can compare these options. Office Furniture Resources offers multiple solutions and will always inform you when there is a used or pre-owned alternative to a brand new office furniture product. Depending on your budget and business, consider buying used office furniture from Office Furniture Resources.