Medical Office Furniture

When you are looking for furniture for a medical office in Atlanta, you need to visit us. We carry furniture that healthcare professionals trust, and furniture that is affordable, sturdy and sustainable. Whether you are looking for furniture that is traditional, or a bit more contemporary, we can supply you with the furniture you need to function properly in your practice.

The most important furniture in a doctor’s office is found in the waiting room, reception area and exam rooms. In addition to the standard medical office reception furniture, waiting room furniture and healthcare furniture, you will also need medical cabinets, cafeteria/dining room furniture, training room furniture and Executive, Administrative and Support furniture. Below you will find a list of furniture that you should consider for each room in a medical clinic.

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Medical Office Waiting Room Furniture

Whether you are buying furniture for a dentist office or a doctor’s office, you will need comfortable reception furniture for patients to sit in while they wait for their turn to see the doctor. When you purchase waiting room furniture, you will want to choose furniture that can be cleaned easily. We offer a variety of styles and wood choices so you can choose from a variety of stylish choices to fit any decor. You may also want to consider a few different sized chairs for your waiting room to accommodate patients of all sizes and any patients who may have mobility issues.

Reception Area Furniture

In your reception area, you will need to purchase desks, comfortable office chairs and a Nurse’s station. Additionally in the reception area, you will need medical cabinets to store patient’s charts. Due to HIPPA privacy laws, these cabinets must have a lock on them.

Exam Room Furniture

In medical offices, each exam room will need an exam table, seating for family members that may attend the appointment with the patient, and a place for the physician to sit during the appointment. Exam rooms may also require a cabinet for medical supplies. If a medical cabinet is placed in an exam room, it is crucial that the cabinet has a lock.

Executive Office Equipment

When the physician is not in an exam room seeing patients, they need their own office furniture to work at to complete paperwork. An Executive’s office should include a desk, office chair and a locking medical cabinet. When the doctor has meetings or conferences at the clinic, it is necessary to have a professional conference room table and matching chairs. The practice physician or physicians probably have a great deal of reference material that they will want to keep in their office space. To accommodate this bulky material easily and stylishly, you should consider a bookcase for the office.

In addition to these areas, your medical office should have a table and chairs in the dining area, so employees have a place to eat while they are on break. We also offer a variety of specialty furniture including hospital furniture and nursing home furniture to accommodate any need you may have.

Medical office furniture for all Healthcare Environments in Georgia.

  • Administrative Areas
  • Ambulatory Care
  • Bariatric Solutions
  • Caregiver Work Environments
  • Critical Care
  • Emergency
  • Imaging
  • Laboratory
  • Materials Management
  • Patient Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Surgical Services
  • Welcoming and Waiting